Time is ticking; Do you know what you will do by the end of the year for Health Care?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires Insurance exchanges to be established by October 1, 2013. Do you know what this means to you? Are you prepared for what actions you will have to take? Employers are mandated to issue notices to their employees regarding the availability of the Health Insurance Exchange. This notice was originally scheduled to be distributed this month, March 2013. This requirement has now been delayed till early summer. As an employer are you prepared to answer your employee’s questions? As an employee, do you understand your options if your employer no longer offers a health insurance option come January? Time is running out, we are here to advise our business clients as well as their employees.

Employers; are you going to play or will you have to pay? Have you done the math to determine what is financially beneficial to you and your employees? We are here to help you determine, your employer size, and what regulations you are subject too. Is your current health insurance plan considered affordable? If not, is it worth continuing to provide coverage. While, the public health exchange is scheduled to be operational come October, have you considered a private exchange. Now is the time to consider these questions.

Employees also need to know how these changes are going to affect them. So far most employees do not think that health care reform is going to affect them. Employees are very likely to be confused when employers have to issue the exchange notices in a few months.

The Federal government has already begun their exchange advertising campaigns. We feel that talking to someone on a personal level will be more beneficial in providing the education and answers in this confusing time. Call us we can help.