Why Matsock?

  • Guidance

    We have a combined experience of over 80 years getting you the insurance you need.

  • Choice

    No single insurance plan is the best for everyone, we provide many options for you.

  • Dedication

    You will always have someone to assist you, especially when you need it most.

Our Office

Matsock is a full-service, independent insurance agency with the tools, commitment and professional expertise to provide an individualized and comprehensive plan for a sound financial future. Matsock is also licensed to conduct business in 48 states.

Our Partners

Our dedicated staff is here for you at every step of the way.

Steven L. Monteith

As president of Matsock Insurance and Financial Services, Steve Monteith is responsible for agency management and outside sales as well as new producer training, servicing existing customers and new account development. He has been employed at Matsock since 1983.

Steve brings more than 30 years experience to his position with Matsock in analyzing and covering business insurance needs. His previous experience includes serving in the underwriting capacity for both Hartford and St. Paul Insurance Companies. Steve’s underwriting background lends to his strong knowledge in coverage analysis and account development.

Prior to joining Matsock, Steve served as the life and financial services representative for Travelers Insurance Company and as the life and estate planning representative for New England Insurance Company.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Auburn University.

Frank M. Haywood
Vice President & Partner

As vice president of Matsock Insurance & Financial Services, Frank Haywood is responsible for a variety of key operations including service to existing customers, new sales development, marketing, human rescources, development of acquisitions and management of agency trends, developments and forecasts. He has been employed at Matsock since 1999.

Frank brings more than 35 years of commercial insurance experience to his position with Matsock including 16 years working for Wausau/Warner Insurance, CNA and AIG in underwriting, claims and loss control. He is an expert in client relations and business expansion including development and training.

Prior to joining Matsock, Frank was vice president and partner at Wine Serge Agency and an account executive and vice president of group health benefits at A.F. Crissie.

Thomas A. Hennessy
Vice President & Partner

As vice president of Matsock Insurance & Financial Services, Thomas Hennessy is responsible for individual and business client financial services. He brings more than 26 years of experience to his position at Matsock with extensive experience in personalized individual and business financial services.He also serves as the branch manager for Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, where he is responsible for supervising other Cetera Advisor Networks LLC representatives in the Midwest. Tom has been employed at Matsock since 1987.Prior to joining Matsock, Tom served as a financial services representative for Travelers Insurance in Naperville.Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and marketing from Southern Illinois University and he is a certified financial Planner. He maintains the following securities licenses services: 7,24,63,65 and 53.

David A. Raday
Vice President & Partner

As Vice President of Matsock Insurance & Financial Services, Dave Raday is responsible for general agency services for life, disability and estate plans. He has been employed at Matsock since 1994.

Dave brings more than than 29 years of experience to his position with Matsock including expertise in estate and retirement planning.

Prior to joinging Matsock, Dave was the regional director of Travelers Insurance Company.

Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Western Illinois University.

Areas of Expertise

We offer a range of services to fit your every need.

Non-Profit Organizations

The success of a non-profit organization depends not only on a powerful belief in the mission, but also on responsible fiscal management that advances the organization with foresight and vigilance. For more than 40 years, the Matsock insurance team has been partnering with charitable organizations with a commitment and passion to help fulfill their outstanding missions. Steller service to our non-profit clients has, and will continue to be, a significant emphasis of Matsock’s core business.

Matsock’s non-profit partners have come to rely on our specialized expertise and leadership to guide them through the maze of risk management, risk transfer and insurance options. Our goal: place your organization’s unique insurance needs with the company that will fulfill your business goals at the most competitive price without compromising quality.

 Additionally, it is important to remember that non-profits are not protected from lawsuits simply because they are working for a charitable cause. Some well-funded non-profit organizations are targets for litigation simply because of their perceived deep pockets. Part of your organizations strategic plan should include protection against litigation. We handle the complexity of risk management and insurance issues so you have the freedom to focus on your objectives.


Accomplishing your association’s mission requires a comprehensive plan that includes competitive fundraising, financing, administration and operations. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical team works for you and with you – a true partnership. 

Group & Individual Health

Now more than ever, with so many companies selling health insurance, a buyer needs competitive rates and solid, trustworthy advice. As independent agents, we work for you in conjunction with our insurance companies. We don’t just sell you a policy, we help you understand all the options and discover what best fits your needs. Additionally, we are here to service all your needs throughout the duration of our partnership.


Matsock is committed to offering you comprehensive, affordable and trusted insurance programs available from the most financially sound and reputable insurance companies. We have professionals in every area of insurance and work to give our customers the best value without compromising quality. 

Business Insurance


Matsock’s goal is to promote the growth of your business by preserving and protecting your company from liability. Because we are an independent agent, we are capable of handling the insurance needs of virtually any business, small to large. Wether you are a contractor, manufacturer, retailer, specialty company or non-profit organization, Matsock is positioned in the marketplace to work with nearly any customer who wants to partner with us. Our professional, experienced and ethical team is dedicated to meeting your human resource needs at the most competitive prices without compromising quality.

Human Resource Consulting

Like most business leaders today, you would likely say it is your employee team that enhances every product and service you deliver. The level of efficiency a team brings to the overall business can make a good organization great. The importance of human resources on the effectiveness of an organization cannot be overstated. All too often, human resource issues become synonymous with complex problems that take a large amount of time and resources to resolve. Matsock’s goal is to promote growth of your business by preserving and protecting your company from liability. We have the expert resources to help you meet the challenges of an ever changing business environment, freeing you from the complexities of recruitment, development and compliance issues. Our professional, experienced and ethical team is dedicated to outlining a comprehensive human resources plan that clearly identifies your needs at the most competitive prices without compromising quality.

Claims Management

When it comes to the area of insurance claims, meticulous detail and communication are a must. There is simply no room for error, and a great need for expert professionals who have your best interest at heart. Matsock employs a team of claims management consultants experienced in handling simple to complex cases. Our team is available to assist you in outlining an effective and precise plan to minimize cost, liability and potential negative public relations issues. We use industry best practices and innovation to help you handle claims in a professional, effective manner.