Commerical Insurance

As an independent insurance representative, Matsock can help you find the right insurance partner to provide your business with the commercial property and casualty coverage it needs.

 Looking For The Right Business Partner


We've been insuring all types of contractors for more than 20 years. Wether you're a one-man plumbing company or a 100-employee paving contractor, we have the expertise to handle all your insurance needs. Our business partners - the companies we do business with - represent centuries of experience in insuring contractors. They include: C.N.A., The Travelers, St. Paul, and many more. Bonding is one of the most crucial elements of some contractor operations.


Because we're a general agent, we don't concentrate on one particular kind of business. We have insured a variety of manufacturing risks over the years and we understand the unique coverages that manufacturers need to consider.


Big businesses are not the only companies we protect. The retailing operations that make our local towns prosper are an important part of our customer mix. Most of our "A" rated companies offer a complete "business owners package" designed for the retail operation. With loss of income, glass, theft of money, computers, and variety of other coverages included in most "packages," we provide the small business owner with real turn-key coverage. All he or she just has to worry about is opening the door and letting the customers come in!

Hard To Place Risks

Insurance companies like Travelers, C.N.A. and St. Paul don't always insure every type of business. Companies like Scottsdale, Western Heritage and Colony are lesser-known companies that offer important protection for operations that don't fit into the mainstream. We use a handful of "wholesale brokers" that have exclusive access to these specialty companies. This really gives us the opportunity to help nearly any customer that wants to do business with us.

Any Business

Because we are a "general Agent," we are capable of handling the insurance needs of virtually any business. We want to be your one source for all insurance and finical planning questions.

 Coverages You Might Not Have Considered

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)


Let's say you just discharged an older worker for poor job performance and thought you were done with this uncomfortable issue. But what if this person files suit for wrongful discharge? EPL coverage offers protection for litigation concerning wrongful discharge and age discrimination in the workplace. You don't have to be a big company to need EPL coverage. We all know that the workplace is a very different place than it was 20 years ago, and even smaller companies need protection from employee litigation. This is just one type of available coverage that addresses some of the unique risks that business owners are faced with today.

Global Coverage

If your company sells product on-line in other countries, you may have an international exposure that you hadn't thought of. We offer affordable global coverage, backed by companies like C.N.A., The Travelers and St. Paul. The world is getting smaller. Make sure you have the right protection.

Professional/Errors and Omissions Liability/Cyber Security

If you run a business and give professional advice to your clients, you need this coverage. Computer programmers, realtors, engineers, lawyers, accountants and yes, even insurance agents need this valuable coverage. A claim may never be paid, but the legal expenses always add up quickly and this coverage will pay those legal bills.

Professional Employer Organizations (P.E.O.)

P.E.O.s are becoming a really important idea on the insurance landscape. This type of arrangement offers workers compensation coverage, group health coverage, payroll and other important administrative help. It is a great opportunity for the small to medium sized business to outsource many of its administrative duties and concentrate on what they do best.

"Little Friends has been a client of Matsock for more than 30 years. We rely on them to be our advocate in dealing with a variety of Insurance carriers and they consistently deliver unparalled service. Matsock's staff has taken the time to understant our business and our finances and they use that information to provide the best products and services. Their commitment to our community, our clients and our staff is evident in their interactions with us and we are most pleased with our relationship."